LUSTRE  |  The luster is the sheen – the fascinating way pearl reflects light: The soft shimmer that seems to emanate from within. The lustre gives a pearl its unique appearance and its seductive charm, and is the most important quality criterion for Schoeffel.

SHAPE  |  The shape has a major influence on value. Some occur as perfect spheres and are worth more, others possess forms that emphasise a pearl's natural personality.

SURFACE  |  The surface always includes some unevenness, and this lends each pearl its unique character. However, generally speaking, the fewer blemishes, the greater the value.

SIZE  |  The size of a pearl has a limited impact on its value, and is only considered once other criteria have been taken into account. Nevertheless, the value usually rises in proportion to size.

COLOUR  |  The colour has, from an objective point of view, little to do with the quality of a pearl. However it does influence the value: The rarer the colour, the greater the value.

BLEND  |  The right blend is of vital importance to Schoeffel quality. All pearls set in Schoeffel necklaces are a harmonious combination of lustre, shape, surface, size and colour – a blend that is not just eye-catching, but also breath-taking.